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The Reason I Came

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The era of grunge may be over but Paula Shy is still into rocking the flannel shirt…and since in this Wow Porn update she has her flannel shirt on tied at the midriff over nothing at all I don’t think anyone will be giving her a hard time about not being fashion-forward. Her guy friend sure is into it, as he flips her over and buries his face in her ass and pussy, licking and fingering her holes before she spins around to return the favor, laying him back for a nice blowjob. She keeps the flannel on as she gets on her hands and knees, taking his stiff rod in her pussy from behind in a hot hardcore scene entitled ‘The Reason I Came’. Her tight back door gets a good workout as well as she takes him for a ride of anal pleasure…I guess that’s the reason HE came!

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